New Directions & Vienna

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New Directions & Vienna

I haven’t updated my website in ages, mostly because I’ve been working on new art and it isn’t ready for display yet. Since summer 2013, I’ve been learning oil painting, particularly in the tradition of layering oil glazes on an egg tempera/casein underpainting, and building up layers of white under layers of oil. Some artists also work with an acrylic underpainting. Last summer I attended the Visions of the Mischtechnik Seminar in Torri Superiore (you can read more about the one happening this year here), and have been studying at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art since October. I still have so far to go until I can paint as well as I want to, and at the same time I consider that before studying here I knew nothing about oil painting and only worked with watercolor. I was constantly frustrated with the limitations due to my lack of technical knowledge. Something has changed in me since then…I’ve opened up so much creatively, been shown new methods of starting works, and been re-inspired by all my favorite painters, as well as introduced to many new ones. I’ve cleared this ridiculous belief that I am not “a painter/artist” and could only be “an illustrator” due to my preference for representational subjects instead of pure abstraction. Although I did study illustration for a year and am still interested in narratives, it’s become clear that commercial illustration isn’t my real calling in life.

My Teachers:
Laurence Caruana
David Heskin
Aloria Weaver
Timea Tallian
Daniel Mirante
Kuba Ambrose
Vera Atlantia

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